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UK Ring Sizer - Use For Measuring UK Finger Ring Sizes: A-Z+9 (No Half Sizes)
Accurate, Easy To Use & Reusable.
Sizing All The Way to Z+9 so will accommodate most mens' sizes.
Directions for use:
Thread end to form a loop and place over desired finger.
Tighten to a comfortable fit ensuring the belt can easily be removed as you would with a ring. 
Once happy with fit simply read off the indicated letter.
Comes complete with instructions in its own envelope tidy.
Material: Durable Plastic
Measures:  UK ring sizes A-Z+9 (No Half Sizes)
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About Vicious Punx

Founded in 2018 when the 2 of us couldn't find the right accessories that were stylish, affordable and sustainable.

We started out making street wear jewellery for ourselves, then went on to trial run selling some pieces that are still best sellers for us to this day.

After realising that what we had started to make was pretty unique, we wanted to let the rest of the world in on our little secret and from there Vicious Punx was born.